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Cargo Bays

A continuation of DaMichel's Cargo Bays Pack

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Color Curves Company presents:

DaMichel's Cargo Bays

Do you suffer for choice in cylindrical storage? Have you got a crowded lander design that needs a spot for rover stowage? Do you want aerodynamic protection for larger probes and satellites? Have a look at DaMichels' Cargo Bays.


Do you need the ability to open your cargo bay in cramped quarters? DaMichel's Cargo Bays have an innovative 4-piece door design that allows you to bring wider cargos out in tighter spaces.

CargoBayComparison CargoBayinShuttle

Anything that fits into a size 2 profile, DaMichel's Cargo Bays can help you store it.

CargoBayinSpaceClosed CargoBayinSpaceOpen

Cargo Bays! They've got you covered.


This is a modernization of DaMichel's Cargo Bays developed in KSP 0.25. The configuration files have been brought up to KSP 1.0.5+ balance standards, and no longer require additional addons for their functionality to work. These size 2 cargo bays give some options for cargo storage without using a spaceplane form factor. Their wider-open low-profile doors allow cargos to be deployed in tighter spaces, making them great for space stations and interplanetary motherships.

License and Permission

Originally created by DaMichel.

Updated and maintained by permission from the original author.

Licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0 (Attribution, Share Alike)